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Wednesday 25 April 2018
25 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE

Co-operative members mobilised to help sharks

Co-operative members are being recruited to search for eggcases in a bid to gather crucial information about the species of shark, skate and ray found in British waters. The first of The Co-operative Membership's eggcase hunts will take place at Wembury, Plymouth on the 23rd March.

basking-shark web

Basking shark. Image: The Shark Trust


Nemesis project to explore energy harvesting

The University of Bath has received funds for a project titled 'NEMESIS', which will allow it to set up a new world-leading Centre for energy harvesting and generation.


Women missing out on Europe's top green jobs

Women are not fairly represented in the emerging European green sectors, a new report by the University of Exeter's Marchmont Observatory has found. Women's under-representation in green jobs is a waste of resources; ensuring their full participation would help to meet the challenge of finding large numbers of people to fill emerging vacancies.


University of Bath to take part in £26m energy project

The University of Bath is to take part in one of the UK Research Councils' biggest investments in research to support energy efficiency policy and cutting carbon use and greenhouse gas emissions, partnering Leeds and Nottingham Trent in a study led by Cambridge University into a better understanding of the operation and performance of materials and energy systems of UK industry.


Exeter research to determine route to affordable, secure and sustainable energy for UK

Researchers at the University of Exeter are conducting the first in-depth analysis of the governance behind energy provision and aim to present the Government with a framework for how the UK can meet its sustainable energy aspirations.


£20m available for developing energy storage technology

Innovators are being offered a share of £20m to develop innovative energy storage designs to help cut costs and bring new technologies to market in this sector. Because of the growing importance of energy storage in the low carbon economy, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has today launched two energy storage competitions, the first for large-scale energy storage demonstration projects and the second for research and feasibility studies into storage systems and their components.


Risk to SW tourism as poor UK summers are linked to global warming and Arctic ice loss

Britain's recent summer washout could become a regular occurrence which would be a disaster for the Southwest tourist industry.


Researchers claim there is enough wind to power the world

Researchers at Stanford University's School of Engineering and the University of Delaware have developed the most sophisticated weather model available to show that not only is there plenty of wind over land and near to shore to provide half the world's power, but there is enough to exceed total demand by several times, even after accounting for reductions in wind speed caused by turbines.