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Wednesday 25 April 2018
25 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Renewable Energy

South West renewable energy doubles with 40% jobs growth

The generation of renewable energy in the South West has more than doubled in the last year creating thousands of new jobs.

Renewable Energy

Good Energy introduces first Local Tariff for customers near Delebole wind farm

Good Energy is to introduce the UK's first Local Tariff to reward households near its wind farms with lower electricity bills. The company says the pioneering move is to put community interest at the heart of renewable energy generation across Britain.

julietGood Energy CEO Juliet Davenport at Delabole 

Renewable Energy

Biomass energy industry hits back at “Dirtier than Coal” report

The Biomass industry has responded to a report which claims the Government's plan to subsidise wood-fired power stations will increase carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

How kites could be more efficient renewable energy generators than wind turbines

Kite flying can be thought of as child's play but a German company has taken the fun idea to produce a serious competitor to wind turbines. Berlin-based wind energy developer NTS GmbH. T are using a kite's aerial movements to drive a generator, which in turn converts this kinetic energy into electricity.

Renewable Energy

The current campaign against wind farms could damage the future for marine renewables

Over the next decade the UK faces three specific energy challenges: securing a stable energy supply; making sure we play our part in cutting C02 emissions in the fight against global warming; and and developing new business for growth in our economy, writes Conservative MP Oliver Colvile.

Renewable Energy

Renewables will be world's second-largest source of power by 2015

The International Energy Agency predicts renewables will become the world's second-largest source of power generation by 2015 and close in on coal as the primary source by 2035.

Renewable Energy

Biomass power stations produce more emissions than coal-fired plants, says report

Power stations that burn trees as biomass fuel can be more damaging to the environment than coal-fired plants, according to a new report by the RSPB, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

Renewable Energy

West of England LEP strongly opposes latest Severn Barrage proposal

The West of England local enterprise partnership is strongly opposed the latest Severn Barrage proposal. The regional authority believes the massive renewable energy scheme would damage the port of Bristol and will be lodging formal opposition to the plan.


An artist's impression of the Hafren Power Severn Barrage