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Saturday 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 - NEWS UPDATE

Huge potential for wave and tidal energy around SW coast, says Crown Estate report

A Crown Estate survey has revealed a vast amount of potential wave and tidal energy around the Southwest coastline. There are significant wave resources off the north Cornwall coast and England and Wales share the largest single area of tidal range resources in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary.


Scotland launches multi-million pound renewable energy investment fund

A multi-million pound Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF), geared to stimulating greater levels of private finance into innovative green power and renewable district heating projects in Scotland, was opened for business by First Minister Alex Salmond today. And Mr Salmond told delegates at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference in Edinburgh of plans for an advisory group to support those seeking finance from the new UK Green Investment Bank.


UK risks losing marine renewable energy lead

The UK risks losing its lead in the development of marine renewable energy to Far Eastern countries such as South Korea, China and Japan. The credit crunch and the Government's unwillingness to invest in new energy sources have combined to cause us lose impetus, said Martin Attrill, the Director of Plymouth University Marine Institute.


New wave of Scottish marine renewables investment

Five marine energy developers will benefit from £7.9 million funding to further develop testing of new wave and tidal prototypes in the seas around Scotland, the Scottish Parliament Deputy First Minister has announced.


Four marine energy teams compete for £10m Saltire Prize

Two tidal energy and two wave power developers have entered into the race for Scotland's £10 million Saltire Prize as the competition's Grand Challenge phase begins.


Marine energy potential to meet 10% of UK electricity demand

The UK could capture 15% of the global marine renewable energy sector by 2050, worth up to £4bn to the economy. Successfully harnessing this energy has the potential to deliver over 10% of the UK's forecast electricity needs in 2050 whilst helping to meet our greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy targets and reducing reliance on gas imports.


South coast announced as next area for marine planning

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has announced that the coast and seas from Dover to the River Dart in Devon will be the second area in England to benefit from marine planning (areas 6 inshore and 7 offshore - see map). Marine plans will inform and guide marine users and regulators, managing the sustainable development of marine industries (including offshore renewable energy) alongside the need to conserve and protect marine species and habitats and recognise leisure uses too.


UK's second Marine Energy Park is announced

The Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters in the North of Scotland have been designated a Marine Energy Park. The area is the second in the UK to be declared the focus for marine renewable energy - the South West Marine Energy Park (SWMEP) was announced in January 2012.