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Wednesday 25 April 2018
25 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Green Living

Cities can play a key role in Britain’s green energy drive

Cities and local authorities can provide an alternative to the big six and create a cleaner, smarter, more competitive and affordable energy system, according to a new report from the think tank IPPR. The report urges Britain’s cities to get even more active in energy markets and for the pioneers to go further.


Green Living

Lightsource backs new guide to support conservation of Devon’s hedges

The UK’s leading solar energy generator is giving its support to a new booklet aimed at boosting the health of the nation’s hedgerows.

Green Living

Budleigh Salterton needs pollution action to meet new bathing water standards

Bathing water at Budleigh Salterton is at risk of failing tough new standards for water quality, the Environment Agency has warned.


Green Living

Allotments yield healthier soil, study finds

The soils under Britain's allotments are significantly healthier than intensively farmed soils, researchers have found.


Green Living

South west schools’ environmental project starts with raingardens

A city-wide scheme to create raingardens in Gloucester schools has been launched to help improve the local environment and tackle the risk of flooding.


St Peter's School raingarden

Green Living

Study links farm pesticides, pregnancy and two-thirds increased risk of autism

Pregnant women who lived in close proximity to fields and farms where chemical pesticides were applied experienced a two-thirds increased risk of having a child with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental delay, according to a new study

Green Living

Report calls on councils to stop blocking community energy schemes

A new report from Westminster think tank ResPublica has revealed that community owned energy could grow 89 times its current size if councils stopped blocking and started helping the industry.


Westmill Co-op was established in 2004 for the aim of constructing and operating a community wind farm in Oxfordshire

Green Living

Langage Farm’s biogas facility will soon move into profit

Langage Farm expects to make a profit from its biogas plant's digestate next year having successfully built up a market for biofertiliser.


The Langage AD plant