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Saturday 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Green Living

Plymouth plans Europe's first low carbon zero bills community

In the days of double-digit energy price rises and a warning by Ofgem boss Alistair Buchanan of more to come, it's more than welcome news to hear of a scheme that will reduce fuel costs as well as creating jobs. This is exactly the commitment of the Bickleigh Low Carbon Housing and Green Business Hubs scheme that will start this year.


A ZED home

Green Living

Fracking goes to Hollywood: a story of conflict

Matt Damon's latest film 'Promised Land' was released at the end of 2012 to mixed critical reviews. Damon stars as a 'landsman' for a hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') company intent on buying access to shale gas beneath the properties of struggling Pennsylvania farmers. Ultimately, Damon gets conflicted by his job and the ethics of his employer and blows the whistle.


Photograph: Cuadrilla

Green Living

Transition Network: citizen power in action

The Transition Network is a UK-based international voluntary sector initiative. It aims to improve sustainable consumption by acting as an umbrella for community-based programmes and providing a framework and tools to support the development and implementation of community plans for sustainable living.


Image: Transition Network

Green Living

Opportunities and advice available as Green Deal launches

Businesses and industry bodies have today welcomed the arrival of the Green Deal and the opportunity it presents to update Britain's housing stock and create new jobs

Green Living

Report highlights benefit of Marine Conservation Zone network

A new report by Plymouth University highlights the socio-economic benefits to be gained if the Government adopts a network of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) around UK shores in 2013.

Green Living

Climate Change Committee chairman to oppose Energy Bill

On the eve of the Second Reading of the Energy Bill, Climate Change Committee chair Tim Yeo says he will try to amend the legislation to include a carbon target. Here is his full argument in a speech made to Bloomberg.


Tim Yeo

Green Living

Totnes alternative to global capitalism is spreading

A 'Transition Valley' of like-minded towns promoting sustainable living is emerging and gaining ground in South Devon. A triangle encompassing Totnes, Exeter and Plymouth has formed in which new ideas and models centred on an alternative economy are being tried out.


Jay Tompt

Green Living

Future of Green Deal in the balance as Europe gets tough over tax dispute

The future of the Government's flagship Green Deal programme hangs in the balance because of an intensifying tax dispute with the European Commission. Brussels bureaucrats have warned Whitehall to overhaul the tax rules regarding energy-saving materials or face the prospect of massive fines at the European Court of Justice.