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Wednesday 25 April 2018
25 April 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Climate Change

PML and Exeter University collaborate on ocean research

Two of the South West's leading environmental research organisations will work much more closely to address some of the key questions facing the sustainable future of the ocean.

Climate Change

Sky 'rivers' will cause violent storms and flooding

Heavy and prolonged rainfall will cause both more frequent and more severe flooding across the UK and the rest of north-west Europe as the atmosphere continues to warm, say scientists.

Storm Clouds

Danger in the skies

Climate Change

Melting Arctic ice could cause $60 trillion global economic catastrophe

A giant methane burp in the Arctic could cost the world's economy a colossal $60 trillion. Billions of tonnes of the greenhouse gas methane are trapped just below the surface of the East Siberian Arctic shelf and could be released by global warming.


Map showing (in white) the ice extent in July 2013; the orange line is the median extent 1981-2010. The UK is lower left of the illustration.

Climate Change

Seas to rise 2.3 metres for each 1°C

Sea levels could rise by 2.3 metres for each degree Celsius that global temperatures increase and they will remain high for centuries to come, according to a new study by a leading climate research institute.


Melting Polar Ice Cap

Climate Change

Carbon dioxide level reaches historic milestone

For the first time in human history, the concentration of climate-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has passed the milestone level of 400 parts per million.


Hawaii's Mauna Loa observatory, where CO2 increases are being documented

Climate Change

More South West beaches fail water bathing quality test after year of heavy rain

One of the wettest summers on record last year caused many beaches to fail bathing water quality standards because of increased sewage in the sea. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) annual survey has recommended only 403 of the 754 UK bathing beaches tested in 2012 as having excellent water quality.


Kimmeridge Bay failed bathing water test

Climate Change

Government claims energy bills 5% lower because of policies

Government energy and climate change policies have resulted in household bills being 5% lower than had no policies existed, Ministers claim today. The average annual household gas and electricity bill is now £65 a year less expensive than had there been no interventions and this net saving will rise to £166, or 11%, in 2020.


Ed Davey claims price success

Climate Change

Government's chief scientist signs off with a dire climate change warning

The government's chief scientist has signed off his role with a devastating forecast of the effects of climate change. Prof Sir John Beddington, who steps down this week, said there was a "need for urgency" in tackling climate change.