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Saturday 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Climate Change

American academic at University of Exeter to assess impact of Frankenstorm

An American scientist at the University of Exeter is assessing the impact of the mega storm resulting from Hurricane Sandy as it ripped through his homeland. At one time the eye of the storm was over the Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory, in south-eastern Pennsylvania, which University academics frequently visit as part of their research.


NASA's Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument on NASA's Aqua spacecraft captured this infrared image of Hurricane Sandy, another weather front to the west and cold air coming down from Canada at 2:17 p.m. EDT Oct. 29. The hurricane centre is the darkest purple area in the Atlantic just to the east of the New Jersey coast, reflecting Sandy's areas of heaviest rainfall

Climate Change

High gas price leads to increase in greenhouse gas and carbon emissions

Total UK greenhouse gas emissions have risen by nearly 2% on the previous quarter, according to official figures. The release of carbon dioxide has also increased - more than 2% in the same quarter.

Climate Change

How global warming will change the face of UK suburbs

Britain's suburbs will need a radical overhaul to cope with the effects of global warming, which will include decades of drought, soaring temperatures and violent storms. Within two generations, UK cities face temperature increases of at least 4°C, one third less rainfall in summer and one fifth more rain and snow during winter.

Climate Change

Davey describes effect of failure to reduce global carbon emissions as catastrophic

Energy Secretary Ed Davey said the Government is committed to reducing carbon emissions because the effects of the current pace of climate change will be catastrophic. He wants the upcoming Doha Conference to tighten the legally binding Durban agreement for all countries to further reduce global emissions.

Climate Change

Tony Juniper: How to build a sustainable society

Environmental campaigner Tony Juniper (below) gave the inaugural lecture in The Plymouth Business School 'Beyond Capitalism?' Lecture Series yesterday. Here is an edited version of his talk which claims we need to find sustainable solutions to 'naked capitalism.'





Climate Change

MPs demand halt to oil and gas drilling in Arctic until stronger safeguards are in place

A cross-party committee of MPs has called for a halt on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic until stronger safeguards are put in place. They say that if a severe spill occurs, oil companies do not have the infrastructure or technical ability to mount a clean-up in icy conditions and this risks a major ecological disaster.

Climate Change

Expert sounds alarm over Arctic sea ice

One of the world's leading ice experts has predicted the Arctic sea ice will collapse in summer months within four years. Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University has called for urgent action over global temperatures.

Climate Change

UK and China to collaborate over energy futures

Energy strategists from the UK and China are to begin unprecedented collaboration to produce energy predictions using the Government's 2050 Calculator. Their work will culminate in a high level conference, held on 18-21st September in Beijing, aimed at understanding how best to tackle climate change and ensure energy security.