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Saturday 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Renewable Energy

Report confirms reliability of wind farms

A new study into the efficiency and reliability of wind farms has concluded that a campaign against them by Conservative backbenchers and others is not supported by the evidence. The Report from the thinktank IPPR in association with the leading energy consultancy GL Garrad Hassan, concludes there is no technical reason why turbines should not be supported.


€40m to create first pan-European EV highway

Electric car network provider Better Place has secured a €40 million loan from the European Investment Bankto help accelerate the development of low-carbon transport across Europe.


Study suggests large methane reservoirs beneath Antarctic ice

SANTA CRUZ, CA -- The Antarctic Ice Sheet could be an overlooked but important source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, according to a report by an international team of scientists in the August 2012 issue of Nature.


Four marine energy teams compete for £10m Saltire Prize

Two tidal energy and two wave power developers have entered into the race for Scotland's £10 million Saltire Prize as the competition's Grand Challenge phase begins.


New wave of Scottish marine renewables investment

Five marine energy developers will benefit from £7.9 million funding to further develop testing of new wave and tidal prototypes in the seas around Scotland, the Scottish Parliament Deputy First Minister has announced.

Climate Change

MPs urge cooperation with China to reduce global carbon emissions

Assisting China on low-carbon development should be at the heart of Government plans to tackle climate change and secure high-value business opportunities for UK firms, a report by MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee says.


1,000 jobs to be created by £2.9m rural grant

More than 1,100 jobs could be created in Devon and Somerset following a £2.9 million Government investment that could boost the region's rural economy by £58 million. Devon and Somerset is one of five regions to benefit from a Rural Growth Network, set up to help rural areas overcome the barriers to economic growth, such as a shortage of business premises and poor broadband access.


Analysts say Coalition battle undermines renewables policy

Despite dropping half a point, the UK has risen to fifth place in Ernst & Young's All Renewable Index (ARI), due to a fall in Italy's ranking in response to worsening economic conditions. While a number of UK policy and subsidy announcements were made during Q2 2012, the general consensus appears to be that these announcements have fallen short of delivering certainty for investors.