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Saturday 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 - NEWS UPDATE

Shell offers cash boost for low carbon business ideas

Small enterprises looking for a "no strings attached" financial boost to aid the development of innovative, low-carbon business ideas can now apply for an award from Shell Springboard.

Climate Change

Expert sounds alarm over Arctic sea ice

One of the world's leading ice experts has predicted the Arctic sea ice will collapse in summer months within four years. Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University has called for urgent action over global temperatures.

Climate Change

Energy secretary rejects gas policy criticism

The Energy Secretary has rejected the Climate Change Committee's concern that the Government is pursuing a gas-driven energy policy. Ed Davey said the UK was 'absolutely committed' to meeting carbon budgets.


Vince Cable identifies low carbon and energy sectors for growth

Business Secretary Vince Cable has set out his vision for the future of British Industry, looking at where the UK has a competitive advantage, and where it can build on that in the next 20 years and has included the low carbon and energy sectors in his plan. Energy is identified in one of three target categories for support, with an industrial strategy for the sector expected early next year.

Climate Change

MPs demand halt to oil and gas drilling in Arctic until stronger safeguards are in place

A cross-party committee of MPs has called for a halt on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic until stronger safeguards are put in place. They say that if a severe spill occurs, oil companies do not have the infrastructure or technical ability to mount a clean-up in icy conditions and this risks a major ecological disaster.

Climate Change

UK and China to collaborate over energy futures

Energy strategists from the UK and China are to begin unprecedented collaboration to produce energy predictions using the Government's 2050 Calculator. Their work will culminate in a high level conference, held on 18-21st September in Beijing, aimed at understanding how best to tackle climate change and ensure energy security.


UK risks losing marine renewable energy lead

The UK risks losing its lead in the development of marine renewable energy to Far Eastern countries such as South Korea, China and Japan. The credit crunch and the Government's unwillingness to invest in new energy sources have combined to cause us lose impetus, said Martin Attrill, the Director of Plymouth University Marine Institute.

Green Living

Oceans under serious threat but have potential for sustainable economic development - keynote speech

The Ocean has never been under such a serious threat as it is today, but it also has the potential to resolve global sustainability problems. Despite our reliance on marine resources, ocean acidification, climate change, polluting activities and over- exploitation of marine resources, such as over-fishing, have made the ocean one of the Earth's most threatened ecosystems.