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Saturday 24 March 2018
24 March 2018 - NEWS UPDATE
Community Energy

Third Sector coalition of co-operatives, charities and church launches new Community Energy Manifesto

A coalition of Third Sector groups including the Women's Institute, The Co-operative, the National Trust and the Church of England will today present a clean energy manifesto the Government. The Community Energy Coalition (CEC) is calling for an energy 'revolution' with the introduction of national targets for community energy generation, the promotion of community ownership of power generation and higher community feed-in-tariffs and investment schemes.

Renewable Energy

Davey announces Scots £20m CCS investment and review of Islands renewables

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has announced a £20m investment in Scotland to develop the next generation of carbon capture and storage technology for gas power stations and the setting up of a study into Scottish Island renewables.


Scotland launches multi-million pound renewable energy investment fund

A multi-million pound Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF), geared to stimulating greater levels of private finance into innovative green power and renewable district heating projects in Scotland, was opened for business by First Minister Alex Salmond today. And Mr Salmond told delegates at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference in Edinburgh of plans for an advisory group to support those seeking finance from the new UK Green Investment Bank.


Quantitative Easing only benefits the financial sector, finds research

A review of evidence into Quantitative Easing (QE) has shown that the Government's hope that it will pull the UK out of recession may be unfounded. Professor Chris Martin, from the University of Bath's Department of Economics, has looked at the impact of QE not just on financial markets but also the 'real' economy of jobs, inflation and output and concluded that there is no lasting benefit in continuing to pursue the policy.

Climate Change

Davey describes effect of failure to reduce global carbon emissions as catastrophic

Energy Secretary Ed Davey said the Government is committed to reducing carbon emissions because the effects of the current pace of climate change will be catastrophic. He wants the upcoming Doha Conference to tighten the legally binding Durban agreement for all countries to further reduce global emissions.


Huge potential for wave and tidal energy around SW coast, says Crown Estate report

A Crown Estate survey has revealed a vast amount of potential wave and tidal energy around the Southwest coastline. There are significant wave resources off the north Cornwall coast and England and Wales share the largest single area of tidal range resources in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary.


Risk to SW tourism as poor UK summers are linked to global warming and Arctic ice loss

Britain's recent summer washout could become a regular occurrence which would be a disaster for the Southwest tourist industry.

Green Living

Osborne announces generous tax breaks likely for shale gas

Chancellor George Osborne today announced likely tax breaks for shale gas as his Cabinet colleague Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, said he hoped drilling would resume soon.